Hi Glen and other devs,

I'm responding to an earlier message where you said:

Another issue I was working on last weekend--still
unsolved--was that in 1.0 layout, fo:block
space-before is being added to the top of *each* page
that the block consumes (instead of just once at the
top of the block).  This may take some time to
fix--I'll keep working on it.

how far did you get with this? I had a spare few minutes and had a look as well. I may be well off base with this as I'm new to the code:

The BlockLayoutManager.addAreas seems to be responsible for adding space before/after. Currently there is no check to see whether or not this is the first/last call to addAreas. Is the LayoutContext object supposed to be the mechanism for checking such state? Currently LayoutContexts in the parent FlowLayoutManager are created with flags=0. Do you think it should be setting FIRST, LAST, etc?

Any insight would be appreciated,


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