I've always assumed that the one or more areas are a logical consequence of the fact that generating FOs may overflow a page. The area tree describes laid-out areas to be rendered on some medium, and every area which describes a mark on a page must have a region in its ancestry, we are obliged to consider individual FOs fragmented into more than one area.


J.Pietschmann wrote:
Glen Mazza wrote:

I am assuming this is just an implementation
convenience for us--just to confirm, the spec does
allow for an fo:block to consume more than one page,
correct?  I wasn't able to find otherwise.

Well, the spec always has this phrase "one or more areas".
It doesn't really explicitely deal with how multiple areas
come into existence and whether it is "one area per page",
although there are the constraints on the area tree which
indicate it has to be this way.


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