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> hehehe.. That's what I was looking for (I _thought_ there was a link
> like that!). Only problem is, I scoured the FOP "Home" and
> "Development" tabs and couldn't find it. If I couldn't find it after
> searching (& searching & searching...), how's the average shmoe
> supposed to... wait a minute. I found the link. It's on the main FOP
> download page (not visible from the Dev tab). In addition, it doesn't

Yeah, hidden all the way down on the page ( could cause problems with *very*
lazy users viewing the site at lo-res? :) )

> * [b]FOP 1.0DR1 Snapshot[/b] - Download a CVS snapshot of FOP-1_0DR1
>    from the cvs files [a href=..]here[/a]. These snapshots are built
>    approximately every six hours, and have the GMT of their creation
>    time embedded in their names. Please note that CVS snapshots are
>    made only for the "redesign" branch.

+1, although I never really experienced problems with it, I can imagine that
the average FOP-noob gets a bit confused by all this name-juggling...

> BTW, IIRC it's been discussed on the list (ad nauseam) that the
> official "tag" name is HEAD, but frankly, I don't remember why so many
> terms appear to be synonymous. Unless I'm mistaken, the site refers to
> "HEAD" using the following other terms: "Redesign" (FOP=>Download),
> "FOP 1.0DR1" (FOP=>Status), "FOP-1.0Dev" (don't recall where this was).
>   Does it make sense to standardize on this and re-tag it in CVS? Should

Probably not in CVS, 1.0 can be obtained with tag 'HEAD' / 'MAIN'. It would
definitely make sense to standardize it on the website though... The term
"Redesign" will become obsolete as soon as 1.0 gets released.

(FYI: "FOP-1.0Dev" turns up on the command line as version indicator )

> I guess that's not really worth it, although to be honest I don't know
> if there've been any updates to the "fop-0_20_2-maintain" branch (i.e.,
> 0.20.5). Have there been (the Release Notes don't indicate any
> changes)? If so, it might be good to identify what they are somewhere.
> If there are not, then never mind.

Release notes only indicate changes compared to the previous version (
0.20.4 ). If I'm not mistaken, Glen has applied a few (although I believe it
to be very few) patches to 0.20.5 since its release in July. ( amongst
others the printJobName displaying as 'FOP Document' ).

Obviously would also be quite an effort to update the Release Notes with
every little bugfix/patch being applied, but if you're volunteering, who are
we to stand in your way ;)



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