On Friday, November 14, 2003, at 03:48 PM, Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
And just for the record, I should add that I _did_ succesfully build and run
the 1.0Dev a little while ago on MacOS X.
You *could* experience difficulty, if you don't have the latest Java 1.4 SDK
already installed --a few weeks ago, I gathered on another list that it
contained a few nasty bugs (not sure what kind; didn't bother to check the
Apple website myself, as I never experienced problems with it up to now),
and Apple found no better than to just make the download link inactive, so
1.3.1 was the only downloadable Java SDK for some time... perhaps still is.

Glad to hear it was working on Mac OS X. I actually haven't tried yet on Mac OS X. I attempted to run it under Win XP Pro but got the NoClassDefFound error. I didn't appear to need to build it, since it contained all of the JARs, etc. If I need to build it, then that would explain things. I don't have a compiler on my WinXP box, but I do under Mac OS X (Unix--or Unix-like if SCO is listening--underpinnings are so bitchin!).

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