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> I think you are being unnecessarily harsh here towards Clay, and Clay
> has been getting a hard time from more that one source lately.  Clay's

Jeez, I hope you're not referring to my alluding to any laziness on his
part... (That was meant more as a joke, which Clay, hopefully, understood.)
Actually, I appreciate his efforts in getting a grip on CVS --which I also
believe to be a conditio sine qua non for potential committers (whether code
or docs). One reason also, why I haven't made any real commitments so far,
is just that I still don't consider myself to be up to speed WRT running CVS
diffs enough. (I know, it's really not that hard... Well, ok, maybe it's
just a *lame* excuse on my part :) --I'll work on that one, I promise!)

> suggestions, as I recall, are aimed at making FOP as accessible as
> possible to the widest range of users.  I and others (Victor is one who
> springs to immediately to mind) want the FOP development process to be
> as accessible as possible to the widest possible range of users.  That
> FOP is currently so difficult is a thorn in the side of this subproject.

That is indeed a very worthy aim... No better way to get people involved in
the game than clearly showing what it's all about.

>  (Note my stance of near-perpetual disagreement.  I worry about it

Well, as long as they're balanced out someway ('Even though...') no reason
to worry, right?

> Clay's comments are valuable, and Clay is actively contributing to
> making FOP a better product.  I don't see that we want to discourage

100% agreed here.

> that.  My concern about the snapshots is only that actually building and
> storing them is overkill.  Clarifying what is happening on HEAD and

But this... overkill? I thought these snapshots were 'automatically'
generated. If they are, then I don't really see what the overkill is here.
(Besides that, only four of those snapshots remain actually downloadable as
a tarball at all times...)
BTW: What exactly *is* the story on these? Is this something common about
all Apache projects, or a FOP-specific decision that has been taken some
time ago?



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