Incidentally, for 1.0, I had difficulty in getting RTF
to work with simple FO documents.  It seems to
generate an RTF-based script, but Windows isn't
accepting it on my machine. Wordpad just opens it up
as text, showing the underlying RTF script-code.  Has
anyone else tried the 1.0 RTF renderer? 


--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> No, the examples are quite ok actually. It's the
> Driver class that has a
> problem in getContentHandler(). Sorry for not being
> clear enough. By the
> way, you mentioned you're interested in RTF output
> which shoudn't be
> affected by this problem. The code in ExampleObj2PDF
> should work fine if
> you use RTF output (or any other structure
> renderer).

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