Yep, current CVS code generates working RTF code (on my machine). I've
opened (-->readme.rtf) in Wordpad and OpenOffice, for example.
A big problem I can currently see is that all normal text has white
color, so initially you see practically nothing. Selecting all text and
applying black color brings the text to light. I can't comment on the
coverage of the supported features (FO or RTF) but I think the code goes
off in a good direction. Hopefully Peter Herweg or Betrand could comment

On 15.11.2003 14:45:31 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Incidentally, for 1.0, I had difficulty in getting RTF
> to work with simple FO documents.  It seems to
> generate an RTF-based script, but Windows isn't
> accepting it on my machine. Wordpad just opens it up
> as text, showing the underlying RTF script-code.  Has
> anyone else tried the 1.0 RTF renderer? 

Jeremias Maerki

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