John Austin wrote:
After reading the Sept 2003 thread about Memory Performance, leaks (and
how wonderful ADA is),

As one of the perpetrators of that thread, I need to mention that I never finished telling the story. The last analysis I ran seemed to indicate that it was my image loading code, not FOP at all, that was the source of the leak in my case.

In my app, I load CMYK images, convert them to RGB, write them to the file system, and then run FOP, all within a loop that runs 1-50 times.

When I analyzed the heap, arrays underneath images where the heap hogs, but instead them being referenced by FOP, as I supposed, they were referenced by the Advanced Image I/O API.

So -- for my part I suspect my allegations of FOP memory leakage were quite false. As soon as I get some time, I'll post a follow-up thread to fop-user with the details. I need to run a few more tests before I'm sure (and I should probably use a profiler instead of analyzing heap dump files ;-).


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