John Austin wrote:

> I still object to the extreme high water marks in FOP. The saw-tooth
> pattern is described in the JMP documentation as characteristic of
> the creation of too many objects. This is probably fundamental to
> XSL-FO but the high-water mark of memory use would be lower if objects
> were collected sooner. This would also speed up collection as there
> would be fewer objects to inspect.

Actually, there are some places where I think we can significantly reduce
the number of objects *created*, specifically: 1) properties, and 2) fonts.
Most properties are, I think, easily represented by primitive data types,
and I hope that we will eventually use them, where possible, instead of the
current scheme. With fonts, I think we are currently creating an object for
each FOText object (I may be wrong about this -- I haven't looked in a
while). The plan is that existing objects will be searched & reused where
possible, which should score a large decrease.

I guess I don't know what you mean by "I still object ...". None of the FOP
developers is happy with performance right now. It is just that we are busy
on other problems ATM.

Victor Mote

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