Glen Mazza wrote:

> Thanks, Finn and John Austin, for your efforts here.

Yes, and Peter, too.

> Victor, not to rush you, but how agreeable are you in
> general on switching to integer enumerations for FOP
> properties?  (Given Alt-Design, Peter obviously
> approves.)  I checked Alt-Design's[1]
> and liked what I saw.  It doesn't necessarily have to
> be that particular design, just the idea of integer
> constants in general.

That is fine. I hope nothing I have said would be interpreted to the
contrary, and I can't imagine why you might think that this proposition
rushes me (were you waiting on me for something?). I have the least
knowledge of or interest in the performance side. Having said that, I *very*
much want us to implement a lowest-common-denominator,
it-will-never-matter-what-the-guts-look-like API for the FO Tree to deliver
the property values. That is totally independent of the way properties are
stored and computed.

Victor Mote

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