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> Anybody dares to interpret how the followung is rendered?
>   <fo:block background-color="red" font-site="20pt">
>     <fo:inline background-color="blue" font-site="10pt">foo
>     </fo:inline><fo:inline background-color="green"
>      font-site="15pt">bar</fo:inline></fo:block>
> I think this should generate two spaces between  "foo" and "bar".

One in 10pt, the other 15pt, or 2 spaces of 20pt?

This is the closest in the spec I could find (so far) :

[4.6.1 Stacked Inline Areas]

For a parent area P whose children are inline-areas, P is defined to be
properly stacked if ...

2. For each pair of normal areas I and I' in the subtree below P, if I and
I' have an inline-stacking constraint S, then the distance between the
adjacent edges of I and I' is consistent with the constraint imposed by the
resolved values of the space-specifiers in S.

[a little further up 4.2.5 Stacking Constraints]

Inline-stacking constraints

A and B have an inline-stacking constraint S if ...

3 a. both A and B are inline-areas, B is the next normal sibling area of A,
and S is the sequence consisting of the space-end of A and the space-start
of B

So, it would depend on the space-specifiers, which are in this case
unspecified (no borders, no padding, only background --hmm, should that have
an influence? the font-size would IMHO only have an effect in the bp
direction, depending on the alignment-baseline)
So defaults to 0pt (not being inherited by default)



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