On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 10:38:20PM +0100, Finn Bock wrote:
> [J.Pietschmann]
> >>>Anybody dares to interpret how the followung is rendered?
> >>> <fo:block background-color="red" font-site="20pt">
> >>>   <fo:inline background-color="blue" font-site="10pt">foo
> >>>   </fo:inline><fo:inline background-color="green"
> >>>    font-site="15pt">bar</fo:inline></fo:block>
> >>>I think this should generate two spaces between  "foo" and "bar".
> [Andreas L. Delmelle]
> >>One in 10pt, the other 15pt, or 2 spaces of 20pt?
> [Simon Pepping]
> >I would think one space before foo according to the characteristics of
> >the 20pt font and bgcolor red, 
> I would have guessed, based on Joerg's previous answer, that the 
> red-20pt space is suppressed because it follows right after a line-break.

This is a comment in layoutmgr.LineLayoutManager.getNextBreakPoss:

/* If first BP in this line but line is not first in this
 * LM and previous line end decision was not forced (LINEFEED),
 * then set the SUPPRESS_LEADING_SPACE flag.

Why are there those two exceptions to the suppression of leading space?
For example, in this fo fragment the leading space is not suppressed:

Some text.

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