Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
Does anybody know what "<space>" means for line-height???
Know? I guess not. But judging from the spec...

Ah well, I overlooked this....

"XSL adds the following value with the following meaning: <space> Specifies the minimum, optimum, and maximum values, the conditionality and precedence of the 'line-height' that is used in determining the half-leading."

Perhaps this is just a way of saying that 'line-height' can be 'shorthanded'

line-height="min opt max cond prec"??

Uh no, it's more ugly: line-height is actually meant to be a "compound" property, like space-before. I.e. it is possible to write <fo:block line-height.optimum="12.5pt" line-heigth.maximum="13pt" ... The precedence and conditionality are combination of the half-leading with space-before and space-after at the beginning and the end of the block, I think.

I see why they thought this is necessary, but this kind of spec
makes it unnecessary hard to follow.


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