[Andreas L. Delmelle]

(Off-topic: Finn, I don't think I have access to your d:-drive ;) )

I hope not :-0 . Sorry about that.

Yeah, if it make sense to add more groups of properties together (and it
seems that such a ipd,bpd pair make sense) I don't see a problem adding

I just think this will lead to an API that's a bit clearer, cleaner and so, in the long run, easier to manage and maintain. I don't really know whether the Common*Properties were separated out because they are, well, common, and it's more efficient for them to be treated as a bundle. Maybe it was originally the intention of creating property groups along the groups in which they are divided in the spec (see

I don't know what the original intention was either but from the no-longer-used setup() methods in the flow objects like fo.flow.Block it looks like somebody once wanted the list of properties from the spec to be represented in the code. But that should not prevent us from doing it differently.


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