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> Each of the <type>Type classes also implements the get<type> methods
> from Property so the layout must do exactly the same as it does now to
> extract the right value:
>                   getLengthRange().getOptimum().getLength();

Hmmm... coming back to my recent question about the use of/access to the
background-color property: I somehow would feel much for further extending
the way the Common*Properties are handled. IIC, the calls like the above
should only happen in the background via the propMgr of the FObj, and not
become part of the public API.

As a concrete example, in Layout, I would rather see something like:

private AreaDimensionProps adimProps;
protected void initProperties(PropertyManager propMgr) {
    adimProps = propMgr.getAreaDimensionProps();

Length ipd = aProps.ipd;
(maybe the latter can become more abstract
  PropertyValue ipd = aProps.ipd; )

Does this sound crazy? (FYI: the AreaDimensionProps class does not exist
yet... LayoutProps, for example, is already present, but seems to be
underused at the moment.)



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