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Hi Glen,

> Also, big issue--I'm trying to implement command-line
> XSLT <param> handling.  Most of the code came from
> Xalan--quite simple to add.  The only problem is that
> I'm unsure how to configure the XMLFilter (line
> 175-176 below) with the xslt parameters.

Glad to see this is being addressed, the community's going to love this one,
I'm sure.

> If I had a Transformer or TransformerHandler object,
> it would be simple setParameter() calls.  But such
> methods don't exist with XMLFilter or XMLReader.
> Anyone have an idea what to do?  The code in question
> is at line 175-188 in the link below.

AFAICT SAXTransformerFactory has its own getTransformerHandler() method.
Maybe you can use this to set up a Handler, then manipulate the related
Transformer ( setParams() ) through TransformerHandler.getTransformer().
After that, you can pass the TransformerHandler as ContentHandler to an



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