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> I tried a little bit more, but was unsuccessful.  XMLFilter +
> setParameter()
> unfortunately isn't currently available with JAXP, and I suspect the
> just-use-a-transformer alternative proposed by Michael Kay here:
> http://www.xslt.com/xsl-list/2002-08/msg00312.html will slow
> things down for
> non-parameter using people.  (I'm also not sure if your suggestion would
> work, as the getContentHandler() is set later, in apps.Driver.)

Well, I wouldn't stare myself too blind on it for the moment... Could well
be that my suggestion won't work --as it was more based on vague ideas than
on actual experiments (maybe should've tried out first, sorry for that)

> I modified the JAXP example to show the setting of a parameter,
> so FOP users
> will be OK for embedded usage, at least.

Getting this right *was* the more important of the two IMHO. When using
XML/XSLT input via the command-line, one can indeed easily break up the
transformation, supply the params to the XSL processor in question, and run
the resulting FO through FOP.

Thanks for the effort!



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