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> I've been doing some updating documentation for my company's product, and
> noticed this tidbit on the FOP Fonts page[1] where it discusses PFMReader:
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> Is this the requirement for the avalon-framework.jar just a requirement if
> I'm using PFMReader? (I would think so, since I've never come up with this
> before, and I don't think I have avalon-framework.jar installed).

Errmmm... (Trick question?) Yes, I think --and no, because Avalon is
required for running FOP, even if you never use the PFMReader. Normally, you
wouldn't run into trouble since the avalon jar is distributed with FOP and
is by default included in the classpath that's set up by the fop.sh/fop.bat
script. (My guess is you do have it installed... check your FOP/lib
directory for that.)



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