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>> I've been doing some updating documentation for my company's product,
>> and noticed this tidbit on the FOP Fonts page[1] where it discusses
>> PFMReader:
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>> Is this the requirement for the avalon-framework.jar just a requirement
>> if I'm using PFMReader? (I would think so, since I've never come up with
>> this before, and I don't think I have avalon-framework.jar installed).
> Errmmm... (Trick question?) Yes, I think --and no, because Avalon is
> required for running FOP, even if you never use the PFMReader. Normally,
> you wouldn't run into trouble since the avalon jar is distributed with
> FOP and is by default included in the classpath that's set up by the
> script. (My guess is you do have it installed...
> check your FOP/lib directory for that.)
> Cheers,

Not so much a trick question as it is a question about a note on the FOP
Fonts question. Sounds like that note needs to be rewritten, although it's
probably no big deal. (OT: I actually can't check my system, because I
forgot my laptop at home today d'oh! Been using webmail when I can
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