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> --- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> > I got home late today, so I didn't manage to
> finish
> > everything. I will
> > do that tomorrow morning.
> > 
> > Todos:
> > - Figure out how best to configure the SimpleLog
> > when using static
> > loggers in command line apps.
> I'll let you start the cogitation here.  ;)

Actually, what the Axis team did in their code may be
a good example for us.

They created their own LogFactory class [1], and in
167 files, such as here [2] and [3], they activate
that LogFactory class with the name of the class where
the logging is occur.

It appears that they created their own LogFactory to
centralize in one place the exact type of logger that
will be created.  Also, they're doing something
security- and "singleton discovery"-related, I'm
unsure of its relevance for us, however--Axis has
requirements quite different from us, of course. 

[2] (top of class definition)
[3] (top of class definition)


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