Yes, Axis uses JCL just as I wanted. Concerning the discovery things,
they are using Commons Discovery [1]. I'm not sure myself what the
intent/benefit is behind it but I'm pretty sure we don't have to do the
same. For the moment, I think the current approach is quite satisfying.
Anyone else want to comment?


On 02.04.2004 04:57:45 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Actually, what the Axis team did in their code may be
> a good example for us.
> They created their own LogFactory class [1], and in
> 167 files, such as here [2] and [3], they activate
> that LogFactory class with the name of the class where
> the logging is occur.
> It appears that they created their own LogFactory to
> centralize in one place the exact type of logger that
> will be created.  Also, they're doing something
> security- and "singleton discovery"-related, I'm
> unsure of its relevance for us, however--Axis has
> requirements quite different from us, of course. 

Jeremias Maerki

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