I am awe-struck that you have achieved so much in that period. How much of the Rec have you implemented?



So what happened was: I now have an XSL formatter that is in my estimation further
along than the FOP redesign and that does most things that 0.20.5 does and a lot of
things that 0.20.5 does not. I confess that so far, I did borrow the TrueType font
reader from FOP. What am I going to do with it? Well, it's not really decided yet.
The most likely scenario is to make it a commercial product. BTW: why was I fast?
I'm good (like you), I had experience in many of the areas involved, and - very
important - I didn't need to discuss my architectural decisions because I did it
alone. I had fun.

-- Peter B. West <>

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