Chris Bowditch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 18.05.2004 12:03:33:

This is very true, I also have the same concerns, which is why I have set out some simple objectives that must be met before the redesign is ready for an initial release. See here:


One comment on the todos:

- border-collapse is both important and difficult. I am still fiddling with
details of the spec. I suggest ugrading the priority. Not supporting
border-collapes yields ugly output.

What I forgot to say is that I think we should do an initial release of FOP after doing just High priority TODO items.
Yes, ugly output can be caused without border collapse, but yet RenderX's XEP doesnt have border collapse,
so I dont see an immediate need for it. After all, output only looks ugly if you specify borders on every cell edge,
with careful writing of the FO, the output can still look good without border collapse.

Well, unfortunately not so much spare time, but as I said, doing it
alone really, really helps. And I very much tried to aggregate as
much spare time as possible into full dev-only days. That helps, too.
With the same background, most of you committers could have done the
same. If you look at it, most successful projects initially had
1 or 2 people at the start who did the core work, and then others
joined to make it complete. If I had joined the redesign team, FOP
wouldn't be much farther than it is now, because most of my time
would have gone to discussions, which in turn would also have taken
up other committer's time.

Perhaps, but perhaps not. As long as you dont make major changes, then its possible to proceed without seeking group consent on every little item. Thats what I'm trying to do. Work towards a working layout a bit at a time using the existing redesigned framework.

What I *can* offer to contribute is discussion about the FO spec or about
implementing PS oder PDF output. This is a concern that we probably share
and that needs discussion in any case. However, for actual implementation
discussions I feel a little reluctant. If my pet project becomes a product
in the future, we will have the same issues coming up here that we had with
the RenderX guy speaking up here recently. This is not what I want - though
I think what he did was perfectly ok, well-meaning and to be applauded. If
I recall correctly, the uproar was resolved, the RenderX guy got his deserved
apology, but the consensus was that the FOP code should be kept "clean" from
competitor's code or even ideas. If I remember that correctly and this still
stands, then I would rather not discuss algorithms here.

Fair enough. That was an unfortunate affair, and one I'm keen not to repeat.


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