Clay Leeds wrote:
Peter B. West wrote:
Shorthands have been fully handled in alt-design's properties for about 18 months now.

Glad to hear it! One of these days, I'll have to build from source so I can see all of your hard work. I notice that it uses a non-ant system of building, so I may get back to you on how steps to proceed with the build (unless the steps are outlined and/or linked from the site :-)).

It now uses Ant, so building is pretty straightforward. That's something else that will need updating in the docs.

Btw, I'm now in the dark about the way the web pages are being maintained. It's been a while since I was involved in the discussions about Forrest and FOP, primarily around using Javascript in pages. I'll read the docs docs again.


No problem. I think this is something *I* can handle... ;-) I recently spent some time figuring out Forrest. I haven't completed all of my travels, however, as I still get errors when I do a forrest run. However, I do understand the format itself pretty well, so if you can give me 'before' and after (or a diff would be fine, I can commit the necessary changes--committership has its privileges... don't worry, I won't touch JAVA code 'til I've spent some time hashing things through!)

Otherwise, you could always just edit the XML source files the way you like. That should work just as well. Once the edits have been committed, running forrestbot should do the rest (of course we'll have to replace breadcrumb.js--D'oh!--as I think it still gets clobbered when forrestbot runs).

I'll send you diffs and refer any questions I have to you. Thanks Clay.

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