--- Clay Leeds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> However, I do understand the format itself pretty
> well, so if you can 
> give me 'before' and after (or a diff would be fine,
> I can commit the 
> necessary changes--committership has its
> privileges... don't worry, I 
> won't touch JAVA code 'til I've spent some time
> hashing things through!)

You can commit now?  Congratulations--I guess that
means you got the CLA finished!

> Otherwise, you could always just edit the XML source
> files the way you 
> like. That should work just as well. Once the edits
> have been committed, 
> running forrestbot should do the rest (of course
> we'll have to replace 
> breadcrumb.js--D'oh!--as I think it still gets
> clobbered when forrestbot 
> runs).

Yes--just replace with the earlier version:



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