I've just upgraded my sources and tried to apply the same patch within
Eclipse to see what happens. I get two parts of the patch that Eclipse
claims to be unable to apply correctly. But this only makes up a few
lines in all. Maybe if Luca would send you the whole, too, you could sort out the rest manually.

Eclipse IMO has a very good patch facility. You'd probably get farther
that way.

On the other side, I've got no idea why the patch doesn't work 100%.
Luca seems to have used the latest sources when doing the patch.

On 21.05.2004 14:05:29 Chris Bowditch wrote:
> FOP Devs,
> I'm trying to apply Luca's patch and running into problems. The hunks in the 
> first 9/10 files get applied okay, but when the patch program gets to 
> LineLayoutManager, it only reconises 6 hunks, the seventh is very big and for 
> some reason the patch program thinks it has found the start of another file 
> and errors with "File not found. Skip this file [n]: "
> Has anyone else got any experience of working with such large and patches? Any 
> advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.

Jeremias Maerki

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