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Do you have time for some documentation investigations? Some time ago, a project called Javasrc was in the process of migrating from SourceForge to Apache. Nicola Ken Barozzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> was the one who initiated the discussions with the Javasrc developers. The code was originally to go into Alexandria, a project on which development has now ceased. I recall some discussion about the use of Javasrc outside the context of Alexandria.

There is an alternative, in the JXR plugin for Maven. Joerg may be of help here, as he seems to be a fan of Maven. My primary interest in this question is in generating cross-referenced source in html format, into which I can point from the web-site documentation. At the moment I have some html source that I generated using Xemacs, but that is extremely tedious.

If you have time, could you ask a few questions about the "best" way of having such cross-referenced html sources generated as part of the process of web site creation?

An update on this. I have just had a look at the JXR doco for the Maven JXR class.

The cross-referencing is pretty basic. Class instances have an xref to the source for the class, and the whole file is xref'd by line number. Javasrc, however, provided links for every feature of interest in the file, especially methods and, IIRC, fields. This form of cross-reference is essential if you are trying to document code, and you want the references to survive the normal changes to the source file.

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