On Jun 9, 2004, at 8:06 AM, Peter B. West wrote:
Clay Leeds wrote:
On Jun 8, 2004, at 6:48 PM, Peter B. West wrote:
The problem is that there was no clean way to automatically generate the htmlized source. It's that supplementary facility that I'm looking for.
OK. I'll see what I can dig up on the subject. If you have any other keywords I can use in my search, by all means, send 'em my way!


I would recommend emailing Nicola on the topic. I'm sure he would be only too pleased to tell you about the situation with Javasrc.

Peter B. West <>

As you guessed, Nicola was only too happy to help. Now I just need to get the FOP site up and running with Forrest (so we can include Whole Site PDF & HTML links on our site!).

Web Maestro Clay

Nicola's response is below:

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Clay Leeds wrote:
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Hi Nicola,
We are exploring the possibility of using Javasrc in generating cross-referenced source in html format, into which we can point from the web-site documentation. Here's the thread[1] to follow for info.

Javasrc is now in Forrest scratchpad.

Get Forrest from SVN, install graphviz [x1] for a complete build, cd into scratchpad/forrestdoc, then run

  build project -Dproject.dir=[enter base project dir here]

It will generate documentation with javadocs, javasrc, ant docs with dependency graphs, full class diagram, javascript docs.

Here is an example:

Note that the colors of the java src can be made much more different, they are more varied than JXR.

Peter West's alt-design has an example[2] of what we want to do:
[Peter West]
click on one of the class name links on the left of the main page, e.g. PropNames. That opens an iframe with the source. On linux, in Mozilla, it also positions the iframe at the top of the page. Clicking the link again - it's a toggle - restores the previous position of the page.
[/Peter West]

That's cool!

Currently we are focusing on fixing bugs for a 0.6 release, but doing this is on my chart.

Actually, what I would like to do is to integrate this forrestdoc in forrest, and have forrest create a complete pdf, htmlhelp and javahelp files for the whole site.

Also in this I would like to add something like this, so that users can browse the javadocs and the source dynamically without having to statically generate all the docs (just an index):

And then integrate all these docs in our Lucene-based search.

Please let me know if there's any other information I can provide.

More precisely, what can I do for you? :-)

Given the above, I think you have enough to start off helping somewhat. For any other discussion, please refer to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (soon [EMAIL PROTECTED]).

TIA, and thanks for contacting me on this!

Web Maestro Clay
[2] overview.html

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