Yeah, take up some tedious job and end up with even more in your
rucksack. If it has to be I can do the PMC head job but I'd rather have
someone else do that, like Peter, for example. You know how limited my
Apache time budget is, lately. Nowadays I'm simply more an observer than
anything else.

As for the Batik committership idea, I don't think that's a good one. I
don't know the Batik codebase well enough to do any serious testing as
is required when you apply a patch. There's simply too much that can go
wrong. I'd have to find out how the whole testing infrastructure works
etc. etc. Too time-consuming. I'd rather we find ways to revive the
project from within the Batik community.

On 19.06.2004 16:15:55 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Everything is fine--especially adding me to the PMC
> ;)--but three more proposals to add:
> 1.)  Jeremias Maerki added to this PMC and also made
> head of it.  
> 2.)  Jeremias Maerki automatically added as committer
> to the Batik project at (or just before) time of
> formation of XML Graphics.  Batik has not been active
> for quite some time, and it needs more committers to
> be able to apply patches to its code base.  He is
> already well trained in SVG and Java Graphics.
> [Bulletin:  Apparently Batik will be getting one more
> committer soon:
> 3.)  Upon becoming committer, as "price" for Batik
> committership, Jeremias will update the licenses on
> its source files to the 2.0 license.

Jeremias Maerki

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