a vote is there to decide on certain things. A proposal is merely a
possible course of action that can be discussed. It may be concluded by
a formal vote once all the details are clear. I don't know of anyone who
is clearly against the creation of the XML Graphics PMC. I expect
everyone who has a problem with what's going on to make him/herself
heard, the sooner the better.

I'm simply trying to get attention by using "[PROPOSAL]" in the subject,
to invite everyone to participate in figuring out the details. When
everything's set, we're going to do a binding vote that will show the
board our consensus on the matter.

I hope that clears it up a bit.

On 25.06.2004 16:54:39 Clay Leeds wrote:
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> Being new to this VOTING thing, I'm a bit confused. I believe I've made 
> it clear in a previous message, that I'm in favor of the PROPOSAL to 
> create the XML Graphics PMC which will be the new 'home' of FOP and 
> Batik, but I'm unclear on how this process works. I'm also in favor of 
> the votes for membership expressed below (scroll down a bit for my 
> specific votes...).
> What I'm unclear on, is the 'legal' difference between PROPOSAL and 
> VOTE. I'd thought that the only time a VOTE really counts is when the 
> SUBJECT includes VOTE. I've searched through the ASF docs, and the only 
> place I can see PROPOSAL discussed, is[1], hence my confusion.:
> [1]
>    Rules require that a negative vote includes an
>    alternative proposal or a detailed explanation
>    on the reasons for the negative vote.
> In any case, My VOTE(s) for this PROPOSAL (assuming they are 
> appropriate now) are below:
> Creation of the XML Graphics PMC
> +1

Jeremias Maerki

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