On 24.09.2004 02:54:25 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > Batik and FOP devs,
> > 
> > things have been quiet but I finally know the
> > reason. 
> > The board hasn't
> > approved the creation of the XML Graphics project
> > due to the following
> > concern: They didn't recognize any names on the PMC
> > list. 
> Jeremias, this is just not plausible.  How could they
> not recognize Jeremias Maerki, Joerg Pietschmann, or
> Thomas DeWeese?  (Or even me?  I've had several emails
> with Dirk and Ted, etc. over the past year.)  Please
> explain further.

I don't know what I can explain any further. I was as surprised as you
are. I'm simply addressing concerns that have been brought to my
attention. I could copy/paste Sam Ruby's original note here but that
wouldn't give you any other clue. BTW, we're not the only ones that are
affected by this. The Xalan people now face the exact same problem. They
initially had only IBM and Sun people on the list, but not a single
Apache member. Berin Lautenbach has to start offering his help in the
Xalan PMC, sorry, Apache Xalan PMC, so the resolution has a chance to
pass. Fact is that the board wants Apache members in the PMCs so I'm
working on that.

At least, I didn't make the mistake of omitting the "Apache" prefix in
the name of the PMC. ;)

> > Bertrand is primarily a Cocoon developer but FOP
> > people know him as the
> > FOP committer who brought his JFOR (FO to RTF
> > converter) project into
> > FOP. 
> Ummm, wasn't Peter Herweg (whom Bertrand recommended)
> the FOP committer who brought JFOR into FOP, and the
> one who has maintained it for us since then?

No, it was Bertrand. Peter has taken over maintenance afterwards.

> > If one of the two would like to take the chair
> > position I'd gladly
> > restart a vote on that part.
> > 
> I'd like Finn Bock to be added to the PMC before we
> consider adding inactive committers.  He's done
> mountains of work for the project over the past year
> or so, and it's important that his efforts be properly
> recognized on this project.

Everyone had the chance to volunteer for the PMC. If Finn Bock says he
wants that he can have it, even now. I'd be glad to count him in. But
that doesn't address the board's concerns. Obviously, we need an Apache
member, better two, in the PMC. It was you who suggested having outsiders
in the project for oversight, so you shouldn't have a problem with
Bertrand or Keiron, right?

Jeremias Maerki

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