Quoting Glen Mazza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> > The board hasn't
> > approved the creation of the XML Graphics project
> > due to the following
> > concern: They didn't recognize any names on the PMC
> > list. 
> Jeremias, this is just not plausible.  How could they
> not recognize Jeremias Maerki, Joerg Pietschmann, or
> Thomas DeWeese?  (Or even me?  I've had several emails
> with Dirk and Ted, etc. over the past year.)  Please
> explain further.


No, it is not plausible.  But that's what Greg Stein has told the pmc@ list (I think) 
in response to questions 
at to why the Xalan project was having problems getting off the ground.  Not only is 
it implausible, it's 
downright outrageous, and a very fine example of a degree of incompetence in the 
current Board that 
asymptotically approaches totality.  I've asked Jeremias how long this startling 
display took to get back 
from the Board.


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