Following Glen Mazza's comments, I realize he's meant to be on the XML Graphics PMC as well (IIUC). In this case I think I prefer not to be part of the PMC.

This deserves some explanation: I find it very hard to communicate efficiently in email with Glen, this morning for example it took me more than half an hour to reply to his false statements about jfor while trying to avoid a flame war. This is not the first time this happens, so it's probably not the last either.

So, I think it would be too hard for me to sit on a PMC with Glen, I'm afraid it would use too much of my energy as it's so hard for me to communicate with him.

Sorry for not realizing this earlier - the logical thing is probably for me to turn down the offer at this point, to avoid future problems which might hinder the PMC's progress.

I suspect other people have a hard time coping with Glen's way of communicating here, but I won't talk for them - this is only about myself.

Thanks for your understanding.


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