Le 24 sept. 04, à 02:54, Glen Mazza a écrit :

...Ummm, wasn't Peter Herweg (whom Bertrand recommended)
the FOP committer who brought JFOR into FOP, and the
one who has maintained it for us since then?..

This part is not very relevant to the current discussion I think, but: I don't have a very good memory either...in your case I would recommend a good dose of mailing list archives before going to bed...maybe add some jfor.org bedtime reading ;-)

Please don't rewrite history. And if you want to follow the jfor to FOP evolution in detail you're forgetting Victor Mote as well.

...I'd like Finn Bock to be added to the PMC before we
consider adding inactive committers...

Please be careful how you use the word "inactive". I suspect this is targeted at me, in which case it is very right as I have done very little for FOP in actual code, but have you looked at the mountains of work that Keiron has done here earlier?

I find dismissing him because he's *currently* inactive, without consideration for his former work, inappropriate (I was going to say "unrespectful" even).

To sum up my position: I think the XML Graphics thing is a good idea, and connections to Cocoon are certainly good as well.

As I said to Jeremias, I cannot promise much in terms of actual code contributions to the projects at this point, but if I can help by making connections between the projects I'm happy to do it.


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