I've still got an Acrobat Reader 4.05 installed and it displays a PDF 
(v1.4) generated through the CVS HEAD PDF Transcoder without error
messages, although it shows black rectangles where bitmaps with a
transparency mask should have been.

Opening a 1.5-PDF in Acrobat 5 shows a message ("This file may contain
newer information than this viewer can support. It may not open or
display correctly......."). The PDF I opened displayed flawlessly.

So, as I see it, although most things work, it may be best to allow
configuration of the PDF spec to use, at least as soon as we're starting
to add features from PDF 1.5. BTW, RenderX recently announced version
4.0 of their renderer where they said that they produce "PDF version 1.3
(with optional support for features from new versions)".

On 18.10.2004 13:50:39 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Thanks.  Keiron/Jeremias, Jeremias mentioned
> "transparency" added in the new library, which is a
> 1.4 Spec feature (according to an old email from
> Keiron that Clay brought out.)  
> Does this mean that the PDF renderer in HEAD won't
> work if you use a 1.3-level Acrobat reader, or it
> won't work *only* if you try to use transparency (or
> some other 1.4 feature) in a 1.3-level Acrobat reader?
>  (i.e., are the parts of the spec that are common in
> PDF 1.3 and 1.4 spec defined the same way, so we can
> support 1.4 features while someone who wants 1.3
> compliance can still have that just by not using any
> 1.4 features in his FO?)  (Hopefully I'm being clear
> here... ;)

Jeremias Maerki

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