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> > My thinking is that since Xalan, Xerces, Cocoon,
> > Batik, etc., don't offer them, then we shouldn't
> > either.
> Yuck! I'm not too fond of this type of arguments:
> everybody/nobody else is
> doing it, so why shouldn't/should we... This is no
> reason not to.

Hey, I like that argument!  For example, no other
Apache project is implementing the XSL standard, so
why should we?!?  Oh...on second thought, I see your
point. ;)

But if the developers of the other teams involved are
quite experienced and preside over successful
projects, I frequently defer to their judgment.  

> > Another issue is this is the first request
> > I've heard for it in 20 months in being on the
> team.
> This I definitely agree with, which is exactly why
> it caught my eye.
> > All unix folk so far haven't minded using the
> website,
> > and failing that, we have already pretty good CLI
> > instructions.
> True, but then again, most apps having a manpage
> also have a '--help' CL
> switch...

+0, if you wish to do it. -0 with a manpage.  But I
still think our future will be with Docbook
documentation.  Personally speaking, it has been
wonderful during my day job (which is a lovely 2000
miles away right now ;), our technical writer picked
it up very quickly and has been very efficient/quick
with it.  Even prefers it over Microsoft Word.


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