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> > I'm not too fond of this type of arguments:
> > everybody/nobody else is doing it, so why
> > shouldn't/should we...
> Hey, I like that argument!  For example, no other
> Apache project is implementing the XSL standard, so
> why should we?!?  Oh...on second thought, I see your
> point. ;)

Yeah, OT:
My point is actually that it's exactly that kind of thinking that leads
people to all sorts of herd-mentality crap, conformist BS and the likes
(if you're not too sensitive, not too easily offended, see some examples way

In short:
Nobody seems to think things through anymore, so why should I bother?

> But if the developers of the other teams involved are
> quite experienced and preside over successful
> projects, I frequently defer to their judgment.

I won't argue with this. Just use with caution: sometimes people can be
'blinded by experience' --in the sense of: being so used to doing things the
wrong way, and actually continually succeeding in that fashion, that they
are 'shaped' to never even consider what is actually sane.

> +0, if you wish to do it. -0 with a manpage.  But I
> still think our future will be with Docbook
> documentation.

Well, if we decide on doing so, it's certainly not top-priority ATM.
Let's get this baby walking first, before we buy it a pair of hiking-boots.

> Personally speaking, it has been wonderful during my day job
> (which is a lovely 2000 miles away right now ;), our technical
> writer picked it up very quickly and has been very efficient/quick
> with it.  Even prefers it over Microsoft Word.

*Even* ... Microsoft Word (--which 'everybody' uses?)

'Nuff said. :))



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