I tried to compile Fop HEAD with JDK 1.3 (1.3.1_08) and got
loads of errors like
    [javac] ...\fop\src\java\org\apache\fop\fo\flow\Leader.java:112:
  Constant expression required.
    [javac]         case LeaderPattern.SPACE:
    [javac]         ^

Surprisingly, the very same workarea compiles fine after a clean
and using Java 1.4.2_03.

There is no file LeaderPattern.java in the source tree, I vaguely
remember it was one of the generated property class files. Therefore
there shouldn't be a LeaderPattern class there either.

I suspect the compiler just ignores the scope and gets the SPACE
constand inherited from Constants. Is this a bug or a feature new
in Java 1.4? Or is this just me?

BTW the buildfile could use some de-cruftification too (remove
the gensrc/.../properties stuff and a few now meaningless subtitutions)


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