--- "J.Pietschmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Anyway, what's the point of having the constants
> both in
> the Constants interface and nested interfaces? I'm
> confused.

I originally wanted to retain it just to make the code
better self-documenting.  One can see the constants
relevant for each property that one is coding with,
and code with less concern of coding a constant
outside the allowed set of constant values for the

But now that I think more about it, the spec already
takes care of the former concern, and as for the
latter problem, whenever it occurs, it would just a 
bug to be identified and removed.  It would not be the
end of the world.  So I now tend to agree with
removing those nested interfaces in the Constants
class.  Any objections?

> >>[buildfile]
> Well, now that the FOP website is generated by
> Forrest,
> the various html-* targets could be removed,
> couldn't they?

Makes sense.


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