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> Hi,
> I tried to compile Fop HEAD with JDK 1.3 (1.3.1_08)
> and got
> loads of errors like
>      [javac]
>    Constant expression required.
>      [javac]         case LeaderPattern.SPACE:
>      [javac]         ^
> Surprisingly, the very same workarea compiles fine
> after a clean
> and using Java 1.4.2_03.
> There is no file LeaderPattern.java in the source
> tree, 

No--I think it is that Leader, by being a subclass of
FObj, implements the Constants interface, which has a
(class?) called LeaderPattern.  (I'm unsure why it
doesn't work in 1.3--that is strange.)

> BTW the buildfile could use some de-cruftification
> too (remove
> the gensrc/.../properties stuff and a few now
> meaningless subtitutions)

Ja, das ist eine gute Idee.  Bitte dekruften Sie der


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