Thanks for all the comments so far on my questions. I'm afraid I have to
postpone some of the issues, however.

Now, I've got a different problem. I run accross a bug in layout
concerning block-containers with height/BPD specified
(absolute-position="auto"). I tried to fix it but I can't find the
passage in the spec that tells me how to deal with the space that is not
allocated by descendant FOs inside the block-container.

Is this space considered as part of the padding-after, and if yes with
what conditionality?

The problem is page/column breaking. Normal blocks can be broken between
lines which is probably also the case for plain block-containers (no
properties specified). But as soon as the BPD is predefined
(autoheight=false) it is unclear to me how to handle it.

I also saw that in the 1.1 WD there is an issue (see block-container)
that may be related to this, but it didn't help.

Any pointers are appreciated.

Jeremias Maerki

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