Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:

> In either case it seems to make little sense to speak of 
> 'remaining space'
> as in 'the space not allocated by descendant FOs inside the 
> b-c', unless you mean the space remaining on the _page_ after 
> the first child viewport for the b-c is added. The sum of the 
> b-p-d of the two child viewports will be five units, period.

Just to be clear (not argumentative), I was saying something quite
different. For the example that Andreas has given, my understanding is that
there would only be one child viewport area, containing the entire contents
of both blocks, but that it would be pushed onto the following column/page.
Only if the contents didn't all fit into the first viewport would additional
ones be created (and then only if the overflow properties are set properly).
The user has dogmatically told us how big the viewport(s) should be.

Victor Mote

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