Now that we've got someone who will work on the AWT Renderer I'd like to
know if someone is against renaming the AWT Renderer to Java2D Renderer.
The API in use is actually the Java2D API [1], although most of the
classes had their origin within AWT (and are still in there). AWT is
actually the windowing toolkit which is something that's not used inside
the renderer. Only when the Java2D renderer is embedded inside a GUI
application AWT (or rather Swing or SWT) are coming into use. And the
preview window actually uses Swing, not AWT.

So here are the proposed changes:

- Package org.apache.fop.render.awt becomes org.apache.fop.render.java2d
- becomes (AWT*.java ->

I think the viewer subpackage can stay as is under the renamed package.

Any objections?


Jeremias Maerki

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