--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> A veto would have been easier. :-) I would simply
> have stopped and said:
> "Sigh. Again. Ok, next task."

Yes, but the change proposed simply doesn't rise to
the level of a veto.

> Would it be more interesting/agreeable if we would
> leave the render.awt
> package and create an AWTRenderer that is optimized
> for embedding into
> AWT/Swing applications? 

Close.  How about this:  AWTRenderer is just for our
pop-up AWT/Swing window with the document in the
middle.  It will extend an (abstract?) Java2DRenderer,
and will not really be meant to be extended or
modified by other users.  

Java2DRenderer, OTOH, is what is used for others for
embedding into AWT/Swing applications.  AWTRenderer,
in addition to being our own native renderer, will be
an excellent example of how to extend Java2DRenderer
in the user's own programs.

Simplest use case:  someone wants Java2D output but
doesn't like our AWTRenderer.  Wants to add some
buttons, remove others from the window, do 400 other
things.  They will extend the Java2DRenderer to embed
this technology into their own work.  

By way of analogy:

AWTRenderer = Squiggle
Java2DRenderer = Whatever Batik does to allow other
users to create their own Squiggle apps.  (Sorry, I
don't know Batik! ;)



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