--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 2. Empty
> table-bodies make no
> sense but it makes life easier for stylesheet
> writers not to have to
> work around them.

I don't see the benefits.  In XSLT, one does a test to
see if there is data in the source XML that would
constitute a fo:table-row.  If so, then you activate a
template that creates the fo:table.  Next, within the
template that creates the fo:table (and assorted other
fo's including the fo:table-body), you call another
template for each fo:table-row.  This is standard XSLT
programming -- an empty fo:table-body wouldn't be
needed, and doesn't appear to be useful for the

If there aren't any to-be fo:table-rows in the input
XML, the template that creates the fo:table is never
called, and so there is no empty fo:table-body


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