On 25.02.2005 07:21:25 Glen Mazza wrote:

For the moment I'm not going to answer the veto itself. Your veto makes
this situation a one against one. I have presented my reasons for the
change and therefore, I request feedback from the rest of the committers
on this matter even if it's just a short message.

> Jeremias, I gave you a full, thorough, and
> respectfully written explanation of the issues
> involved.  Not only did you mostly ignore it, but in
> your response you chose to use my earlier smaller
> email in order to give others the impression that I
> had nothing more to say.  This is terrible leadership
> on your part--railroading a change without discussion
> and refusal to discuss the change afterwords.  I
> simply can't support this behavior, hence my veto.

It may well be that I'm overreacting here. If that is so, then I'd like
an honest feedback from additional members in the team. You must see
that with your history I learned to treat your vetoes with caution
because of the many times you changed a -1 to a +1 later after a long
discussion and a lot of power spent. There's tension between us two and
that's bad. ATM I don't know how to resolve it. I tried to be as open as
possible and to address any concerns you have. You have repeatedly
brought very good points and for that I'm glad but you had to withdraw
several vetoes after starting to realize that you were wrong and I've
also seen behaviour from your part that I don't like. For example,
starting sentences with "Mein Freund, bla bla" and then later accusing
someone else in a different thread of being disrespectful. I didn't say
anything about it then. (Also, apologies to Renaud for not speaking up.
I didn't want to pour any oil into the fire at that time.) I tried to
overlook that, but I have my limits. I sometimes wonder if you're not
more of a blocker in this project than a pusher. I don't think I'm the
only one thinking like this. You know what happend during the creation
of the XML Graphics PMC.

> BTW, letting yourself be known to the W3C by writing
> to them on occasion would appear to be a smart move
> for you--I don't know why you are fighting this.

I'm not fighting this. I've had no compelling reason and spare time to
do this, yet. The current issue is no reason for me to write anything to
the WG.

Jeremias Maerki

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