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I have nothing more to say about this. I want to
spend my time on more
productive things now.

Jeremias, I'm going to veto (-1) your change. I would like the content model restored to the XSL standard and the FONode.removeNode() method removed.

The change gets a +1 from me.

I'm all for helping our community grow, and I believe that it takes a supportive environment for that to happen. Anything we can do to foster improvement can help, be it providing help on this list, or not scaring the bejeebers out of someone when we throw an NPE their way (a NPE? an NPE? who cares! :-)). Many of my early errors threw warnings instead of NPEs (overflowing table-cell content, unsupported [yet] attributes, etc.) helped me greatly. Some of them I chose to fix, and others I chose to ignore at the time, as the output worked.

I can understand the reasoning for a veto... As an avid reader of A List Apart, and some of the other gung-ho standards proselytizers, I respect the desire to have well-written code. At the same time, I also am guilty of throwing the occasional box-model hack or Mozilla-specific CSS extension into my CSS (e.g., -moz-border-radius-topright: 20px;).

However, I tend to err on the side of the supportive, hence my reasoning for supporting this change. I've long been annoyed that some browsers require a non-breaking space instead of a normal 'space' (<td>&nbsp;</td> vs. <td> </td>) in order to function correctly.


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