Cool, that would be great stuff. Let's hope your boss lets you off the

On 07.03.2005 23:57:50 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > I was also thinking about something like
> > "hidden treasures in the XML Graphics project" but I guess there's not
> > so much meat on that bone to fill one hour.
> Well, there should be enough for an hour, at least in theory.
> I couldn't convice (yet) my boss that I have an important mission
> in Stuttgart in July. If I could, I'd probably talk about:
> - Handling fonts in Java, why the AWT font and text rendering
>   subsystem is lame, and what FOP, Batik and perhaps others would
>   expect from an API.
> - How to implement flowing text, line breaking and hyphenation
>   efficiently; why the Java BreakIterator and other parts of the Java
>   Unicode support sux0rs; what's behind TR14; Unicode normalization of
>   text before looking it up in a dictionary, and efficient implementation
>   of said dictionary for looking up all substrings in a word (using a
>   trie, a PATRICIA tree or whatever)
> - Talk about the question why the algorithms aren't simply copied
>   from Gecko (the Mozilla layout engine)
> Now that the deadline has been extended, I'll attempt it again.
> J.Pietschmann

Jeremias Maerki

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