I downloaded sun's codecs [2] that Oleg used in his TIFFRenderer.
Jeremias, you mean that we can legally just put those in the FOP-code?

Following codecs are included in [2]:
So it should be possible to create a renderer for each of this file
formats. But do we need them all?
Do we also need GIF encoding ([2] only supports GIF decoding) . If
yes, we'll have to use other libraries like ACME Labs GIF encoder

Besides, I haven't understand yet if Oleg will donate his code to Apache.

> Otherwise, I'd rather use ImageIO even if it's only available in JDKs
> >=1.4.
I thought FOP should be 1.3 compilant [3]? So how do we go around that?


[3] http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/[EMAIL PROTECTED]&msgId=1332332

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