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> > > ... The work to be done is:
> > > adapt the page hyphenation.html to the new situation,
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> > I'll have a closer look at FOP's hyphenation page later tonight.
> Proposal, IIC, is to remove the distinction between 'Standard' and 'Custom'
> hyphenation support, leading to a structure:
> - Hyphenation Support
>   - Introduction:
>     small adjustment to the paragraph, offering a link to
>     OFFO here
>   - Licensing Issues:
>     not sure, but I'd keep this just as a reminder...

Good thinking. Users should be reminded that they have to be careful,
although it's less a problem for them than for the ASF.

>   - Sources:
>     no change required
>   - Installing:
>     should basically come down to
>     a) making sure the JAR containing the hyphenation patterns
>        is accessible to FOP,

I read: make sure hyphenation patterns in an additional JAR is detected
by FOP. Right?

>     or b) making the XML available via the userconfig.

You mean the uncompiled hyphenation XMLs? Not sure here.

>     The principles will remain the same for the OOo patterns.
>     In any case, the option of having the patterns picked up
>     when rebuilding FOP is no longer the general use case (only
>     if the distribution jar is out of sync with the checked
>     out version of FOP, and even then... see below: build targets)
> - Hyphenation Patterns
>   A few modifications required + when support is available, add
>   some details about the specifics of the OOo patterns...
> As for the build targets: so we don't remove these, but it seems we
> definitely could/should tweak these to accomodate the creation of the JAR
> that will be offered through OFFO, via a command like 'ant hyphenation-jar',
> so that eventually, end-users can use this build target to compile their own
> hyphenation-only JARs containing only the patterns they need and want to
> use... Sounds better, agreed?


> I'll see what I can get done before the weekend (see yesterday's mail from
> infrastructure@), else the commits will have to wait until next week.

Sounds good to me. Thanks for taking the ball! And BTW, it's good to
have you active again!!!

Jeremias Maerki

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